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About me

I’ve always kept one foot in technology and one in music. The two passions compete and keep me balanced, each demanding equal attention and investment, but only one of them can pay the bills.

Tech approach: After many years of full-time software development and IT work, I found that my love for technology management far exceeded my love for writing code. My managerial philosophy is rooted in freedom and responsibility, forming alliances, managing oneself, systems thinking, high-performance teams, productive computers and effective humans, technological skepticism, acceptance and commitment, continuous improvement, creative genius, good use of self through mindfulness, and The Prisoner.

Music approach: Most of my days as a teenager involved anywhere between 2 and 12 hours of guitar practice (not an exaggeration), ear training, composition, and music production. Being a full-time musician was absolutely a goal for me until I recognized the difficulty of sustaining a career as a weird musician. My biggest musical inspirations are Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Steve Vai, J. S. Bach, and anything with an odd time signature. Check out my music on Spotify, my old guitar channel on YouTube, my Make Weird Music channel on YouTube, and my old guitar/music website if you'd like to know more.


I'm always involved in multiple projects. Here's what I've been working on.


Director of Technology/Software Development

Make Weird Music

Founder and Purveyor of Musical Esoterica

Kensho Education

Co-Founder and Spokesperson

The Creative Technologist

Tech management blog without pictures

Recent Work

These are projects I've either contributed to or did entirely on my own. I'm super-proud of this portfolio of work.

Product Manager
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Product Manager
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